Name: Arenales Residential Building
Location: Lima, Perú
Year: 2012
Area: 9.720 sq.m

The building has 95 homes spread over 19 floors at 5 flats per floor. in each one of these plants, three homes are located on the main facade and two are located on the rear facade.

The proposed project define one building composed of two parallel and volumes 20 storeys each, with the plant running at low common access way base of both buildings and services. The front volume, has its main facade towards Avenida Arenales and the other of the volumes, the rear, has façade to the rear yard or field. Both volumes are attached to same core of elevators and stairs. At the same time, the 2 volumes are separated from each other by small courtyards in their first plants.

High volumes blocks comprise 2 regular geometric shape. Its simplicity, complemented by small planters attached to both facades, which are provide depth and shadow. For its part, the openings and enclosures designed and transparencies and refl exes, end up forming a texture that, while maintaining order volume, break the monotony of the two large volumes.