Name: Dwelling at Calabria Street
Location: Barcelona
Year: 2002
Area: 54 sq.m

Living-dining room, kitchen-bar, bedroom and bathroom.

The complexity of undertaking the redesign of a dwelling in a Spanish postwar building involves all kind of surprises during the construction due to its qualities. This complexity usually results in various difficulties that in this case could be resolved, among other things, thanks to the complicity with the owner when making decisions.

In this way, this dwelling, designed to fit the lifestyle of its sole owner, allows to enjoy large rooms and a warm, contemporary feeling at the same time. The bedroom and bathroom occupy the smallest possible space, thus benefiting the meeting areas, in which even the kitchen is integrated. The approach of "cupboard-kitchen", through the use of a roller blind, allows the kitchen to easily become into a bar, which is always available for friends gatherings.