Name: Market and leisure center
Location: Lima
Year: 2010
Area: 44.547,15 sq.m

Zonal market and food court (812 stalls), retail stores (10), cinemas (6), sport fields, gymnasium, multipurpose rooms (2000 people), administrative offices, service areas (workshops, laboratories, locker rooms, medical post, control area, warehouses, cold rooms, etc.), public parking lot (350 places) and trucks parking lots (10 places).

To correctly design a shopping, sports and leisure complex for a market merchants association, in a popular area of Lima, involves assuming that, surely, besides having a very tight budget, the construction work will take place in several stages, depending on the economic availability of the moment, with the growth and self-financing capacity being the real key to the execution of the project.

From the small entrance plaza, a pedestrian street goes up into the complex, organizing its routes and determining the 2 phases of the construction work. The first one will include the market, offices and meeting rooms of the merchants association. The second one, the private commercial premises, cinemas, sports area and parking lots. Thus, we achieve something fundamental: the first phase will be operational and in full activity without any significant changes, even during the execution of the second phase. As a result, according to the plan, the first stage could partially fund the second one.

Since the market is the main element, it plays a leading role. It responds to the concept of "market-landscape". Therefore, it is not only a place to shop but also a place for walks and to spend leisure time, as it includes a food court. The natural wealth of colorful fruits and vegetables, the panoramic view of the whole, the courses designed, the small organizing squares (such as spatial references) and the food court are some of the several elements that help shaping this rich inner universe which can also be covered at different levels to further promote the views it offers. Therefore, it is a place that impresses us by sight and smell.