Name: Luxury Villas
Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Year: 2012
Area: 1.000 sq.m each one
Dwellings: 18

The organization of the housing has been designed taking into account the climatic conditions of Jeddah. The use of courtyards and lattices has allowed the incidence of the sunlight to be well controlled. On the other hand, a cross ventilation system has been internally designed, which ensures a sufficient level of comfort inside the house.

Another important factor in the internal organization of the housing, presented on a conceptual basis (we know neither the shape nor the proportions of the plot), is based on the idea of ​​enjoying wide and different tours, which are very rich in space. Therefore, the double height spaces are combined with normal height (lower) ones, generating ordered and hierarchically arranged sequences of the interior routes. Caring for privacy, in this case, has been a goal that has been given special importance. For that reason, the most important courtyards and terraces are always "under control".

The modern design has been combined with local elements that result in an architecture that, without losing their current image, will not be considered a strange one in Jeddah.