Name: Loft Boutique
Location: Lima - Perú
Year: 2011

The building has been thought as a duality that maintains balance between minimalism in its interior and expressionism on its main façade. From the exterior, the tower responds to the dialogue that the city proposes. Thus, its façades consist of a series of volumes reflecting a sensation of controlled chaos. It is in the main façade where this image becomes more radical, and gives identity to the building and each apartment in particular without losing the complete picture. From our perspective, it is, without doubt, a building specially designed for Lima.

Furthermore, the apartments' interiors, characterized by their well studied scale and domestic character, open out onto the main façade in an organized manner, framing the views with their panels, glass partitions and dividing walls while preserving the intimacy of every space. The use of sliding panels arranged strategically makes it possible to integrate and streamline both the routes and spaces, creating unity and expanding and closing the perspectives from the various standpoints. Thus, the views, already appealing, are enhanced by the many nuances behind the sensations of spatial depth created by every corner of the building.

As a response to the diversity, complexity and abundance of forms and cultures present in the city, the apartments do not reveal, at one glance, the virtues –whether interior or exterior- of every place. Preference here has been to "suggest" by strengthening concepts such as "interior route", "attractive spatial sequences", "multiplicity of controlled visual axes", inviting to unveil the sensations elicited by every corner of the building.

All this elaborate sum of elements is maintained in good order thanks to the use of a minimalist, integrating and "pacifying" language, thus closing the circle and establishing balance.

Although a loft in Lima may be regarded as a "cool" place to live in, we have ensured that it may also be adapted to a more traditional way of living. The versatile interior organization of the building reflects this idea. Each loft has two light areas adjacent to the main and rear façades, which accommodate the main rooms. This allows the occupants to enjoy the best views of both the city and the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, the service areas are located in the half-light zone.

Private terraces and balconies, outer green curtains as well as crossed ventilation are part of the strategy to control solar radiation and ensure the necessary natural air conditioning.

he general program is rounded off by an interior courtyard that ensures light and ventilation, a community area at the rooftop (with an infinity-edge pool, solarium, belvedere and BBQ grill), as well as a shop unit on the ground floor and sufficient parking spaces in the basement.