Name: SKY CONDOS Residential Building
Location: Lima, Perú
Year: 2012
Area: 5.400 sq.m

A building of 10 housing duplex 500m sq.m each and with a privileged view, can not be an ordinary multi-family building. Therefore, this proposed dwellings are not treated as department but like houses stacked. Each with its own recognizable identity with interior routes spatially and functionally diverse, with distinct and appropriate spaces for public and private activities, individual or collective, as appropriate and hierarchies both in places like tours.

3 types of housing, all variants of a single type really make up the building.

* The rear body of lower altitudes, including the nucleus of stairs and elevators, as well as kitchen, bedrooms and services, is common to all 3 types of housing in its design and distribution. * The front body of double interior heights, overlooking the golf club is formed basically by estares-eaters, the master bedroom and garden terrace. The 3 are exchanging their position on the facade and this helps to establish uniqueness in the image of these "houses stacked."

3 are also volume types used to compose the facade.
* A box of glass-metal, double height, open to the outdoors, identifies the living-dining room.

* An opaque box and lower height houses the master bedroom, with an air of intimacy.

* An empty box, wooden, defines the space of the garden-terrace-pool-BBQ, the real reference space of each dwelling.

The combination of these 3 boxes defines a simple facade composition, providing the momentum that we wanted for it. Each home is different from the rest while maintaining consistency in the set.

The interior layout of the houses, in turn, is based on rigorous structural rationality, by which you can combine clean spaces of different heights, forming interior perspectives and tours of great richness and variety.